Mirjam & Thomas


From the first moments Mirjam reached out to me through email, I knew we were in for something special. Her sweetness and kindness was so present in her words, and I could not wait to meet her and Thomas. They traveled all the way from Graz, Austria to meet us in Prague for their pre-wedding shoot. We spent hours walking through the streets and running around fields outside of Prague, we had a spontaneous picnic together, we prayed, and we shared our hearts. We knew we got two very dear friends that day, and we couldn’t wait to capture their wedding.

I have never experienced such calm and peaceful preparations and rest of the day. And I don’t think that’s just because I didn’t speak the language.
We arrived to Mirjam and Thomas’ new little home where Mirjam’s sister worked on finishing a beautiful wedding cake. Then we took a walk through the town to an epic hair salon, took a tram back, and then Thomas joined us.

I cannot imagine a more beautiful wedding morning than the bride getting ready with her sister’s help in one room while her groom plays worship in the other room of their soon to be shared new home.

They kept surprising us with how simply their day would unfold. After their first look we drove up to the hills and forests to take pictures, and to keep the tradition, have a picnic! Yes, these two simply took the time in their day to sit in a meadow just with us and have a little picnic. <3

I didn’t understand a word of the ceremony, but all I knew was that it was God-filled, bringing praise and glory back to the One who orchestrated their union. It was beautiful, and meaningful. Their families, their friends, loved-ones, joining them in celebrating their love, and the One who is Love. Their families prayed over them, then Mirjam & Thomas surprised everyone by playing a song together, and at the end danced down the aisle to “Oh Happy Day”.

They danced the night away barefoot with their friends, and said their goodbyes as everyone circled around with sparklers!

Mirjam & Thomas, thank you for welcoming us in and letting us into your lives, and your beautiful day. Capturing your day was a gift!