On a personal side, since the very first moment we met Kristy at our pre-wedding shoot, we instantly knew that it was a perfect match. The whole photoshoot felt absolutely natural (even though we’re definitely not pros) and we had so much fun. We talked a lot and we laughed even more. As Kristy laughed at our lame jokes, we knew that we found a new friend in her. Honestly, it felt like we had two more friends in her and Josh coming to our wedding. 

On the professional side, the photos Kristy took are simply amazing. Not just perfectly beautiful but she has the incredible gift of capturing the subtle moments just as they are. The photos really make you feel all the emotions. No fake glam, no stiff poses, just pure joy and warmth coming out of the pictures.
To sum it up, I am so grateful we found our way to Kristy and Josh. And her photos, well, I got one of the pics she took at our wedding tattooed on my arm, so I think that sums up my excitement for her work pretty adequately.

Martina & Zdenek. //wedding 2018


I can't recommend Kristy highly enough. I loved Kristy's photos at first sight. I felt something so fragile and intimate in them what's difficult to express by words. However, the atmosphere of the photos is not the most important aspect of her work. There are hundreds of photographers who can make your wedding photo look nice.
The real thing is -
how do the photographers make you feel on your big day? What will be your memories? Me and my wife, we are quite shy and usually don't let people step into or see our emotions. With Kristy around, it's been different. During the photoshoot, there was nothing like photoshoot. It was just the moment - now and here. Though we hardly knew Kristy and Josh before, we felt like they had been our good friends for years.

If I ever get married again, the first thing would be to marry the same lady. And right after that - to have Kristy and Josh to capture the moment for us.

Thank you, both.

Lucie & Bohuslav. //wedding 2018


Kristy is a truly talented photographer but also a very insightful person. I think that this is why she has such an incredible gift of capturing the intimate atmosphere and emotions between the ones she photographs.
With her kind personality she quickly puts you at ease, even if you normally don’t fancy posing in front of camera, and makes you feel like her long time friends. We loved the engagement and wedding session with her as much as we now love looking back at these memories she captured for us.

Jaja & Josh. //wedding 2018


That Kristy would be photographing our wedding was a certainty from the moment I saw her work. We loved how beautifully she captures the atmosphere, the details, every photograph radiates joy, emotion, feelings…

Even though we didn’t know each other prior to the first meeting, the whole pre-wedding session was more like a hang out with a friend and the pictures just happened to be taken as well. It felt just the same at the wedding. One of my friends even asked me who took such beautiful photos, and when I told her it was that blond girl with the camera she looked at me all surprised, telling me that she never even noticed that girl taking photos. I still have people asking me about our photographer, because you simply don’t see such beautiful photos everyday.

Marta & Marek. //wedding 2016