Mirjam & Thomas /Prague engagement shoot./

Mirjam and Thomas came all the way from Graz to meet up with us in Prague. I love to meet couples before the wedding, I love being able to get to know each other before the big day, and I think it’s so sweet to have the engagement season remembered in photographs. And these two amazing humans were willing to take a trip to another country to do that and I am so glad they did!
We walked the streets of Prague and explored the beautiful surroundings of it as well. We talked over lemonades, and we had a picnic in a meadow. We laughed a lot, and walked a lot. We became friends quickly, we prayed together and shared our hearts.

The incredibly humility, and kindness these two share with the world around them is so inspiring to us, and we are so happy to have met such beautiful souls and have the privilege of capturing a part of their story.