M & Z / camp wedding in the hills./


When I met Martina & Zdenek in spring for an engagement session I felt like I just met my life-long friends. Obviously, I could not wait for their wedding day to come in July.

From a sunny morning, crazy pouring rain right before ceremony, sunshine for the ceremony up on the hill, pouring rain during the reception, to an epic sunset in the meadow. Through all of it they smiled, and enjoyed the day to the fullest.

The wedding took place up in the hills behind where I grew up with a reception at a scout camp. Everyone had to hike up to a little field up on a hill for a beautiful ceremony. I held back tears as the bride walked up the hill with her dad to the sound of their friends playing violins.

One of my favorite moments was when the groom grabbed a violin during the reception, and surprised his bride by playing two songs with his friends. They have been together for seven years, but he had never played for her until their wedding day, and naturally there were tears and so many emotions.

To top the already incredible day, we drove out to the hills and caught the most beautiful sunset. And then everyone just danced the night away, only taking a break to watch the moon eclipse that took place that night.