Kseniya & Mara /family backyard wedding/

If a wedding day begins and ends with a jump in a lake, then I’d say you enjoyed it to the fullest. That’s exactly what this beautiful day felt like, full of enjoyment.

Kseniya and Mara. Two people from two different countries and two different paths of life. Two young souls ready to commit to love one another and grow along side each other. Celebrating with friends and family from all around the world in Mara’s backyard.

I may have teared up several times during the ceremony and during the speeches. Okay, let’s be honest, I was a mess as I watched Kseniya’s parents and family give their little girl to a guy they can’t even fully communicate with through the language barrier. I have watched my parents do the same. I could relate to all those emotions of goodbyes and new beginnings. I could understand the joy of starting a life with your love and the pain of parting with your culture, your family, your familiarity and stepping into the unknown.

Mara & Kseniya, thank you for welcoming us in and letting us capture this special day! We had SO MUCH FUN with you two and we are excited for all that’s ahead for you.