Butterfly Chase. /fashion design/

When Natalie asked me to bring in my vision and photograph her school project - clothes she designed and made - I was absolutely overjoyed. We have been followers and admirers of one another's work for a while now and bringing our creativity and passions together was a dream come true. We met at a camp when we were kids and now we were finally able to reconnect as the new people we have grown into and share our hearts with one another as if we knew each other all along. Before we went on to search for places in bloom to photograph at we went to a small Prague coffee shop. On a hot sunny day, over a pitcher of homemade ginger lemonade, we talked about the joys and pains of life and about creativity that comes from all of it. 
About learning self-love, and honesty. About bringing in a little more light into this world. And about this sweet project.

The theme of her project is called "Hon na motýly" (Butterfly Chase), and I feel like it resembles simplicity, lightness, fragility, and subtle connection. So much of this is exactly who Natalie is. She is a beautiful and graceful soul and I feel like these designs have so much of her soul in them and I love that. The same way I hope people can know piece of my heart from my photographs, you can know a piece of hers through her work.