Jaja & Josh /rainy intimate wedding./

Besides the shared name and nationalities in our relationship (and being goofy), Jaja & Josh have a lot in common with Joshua & I, so capturing their day was such a gift to us!

Their wedding was simple, intimate, with a reception in Jaja's family's backyard. The day started hot and sunny but the garden party quickly turned into pouring rain and strong wind, which they embraced with singing and dancing. The moment Josh decided to grab the guitar as others were holding up the tent under the weight of the rain was one of my most favorite wedding moments of all times. Singing "My Lighthouse" with the biggest smiles on their face I couldn't help but smile big too. Knowing far too well that marriage and life together as one is unpredictable, and often pouring rain instead of a sunshine, I was glad to see that these two knew how to embrace the "discomforts" life throws at them as the blessings in disguise that they are. 

Jaja & Josh have big hearts that give, they have such beautiful connection with one another, and we are so thankful to know them and to see what's to come for them as they begin their journey in marriage. 

Here's a glimpse into their beautiful and fun wedding day.