Maja & Niko /intimate home session./

These two made me feel so inspired and grateful. They let me into their story and they were willing to be so vulnerable with it.

Sometimes home session can feel a bit awkward cause you are let into such an intimate part of someone's life. I am so thankful these two let me in so beautifully. I also tend to get really nervous about how I make people feel during shoots because I really want to make them feel comfortable and relaxed despite the fact that being photographed can be quite scary, especially in such an intimate way. But after the shoot they spoke such words of kindness and support about how comfortable they felt, and words of encouragement to keep sharing my life the way I do on social media, with all the pain and mess, and then I left with tears of gratitude in my eyes. 

Thank you Maja & Niko, for your sweetness and kindness. And for sharing your story with me.