Daniela & Martin /wedding./

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I met Daniela & Martin only about a week before their wedding, when their photographer had to cancel last minute and gave them my contact. But somehow this unfortunate situations turned out to be such a blessing. We just got along so well and connected so easily when we met and took their engagement pictures. They were so easy going and fun to be around that I couldn't wait for their wedding day.

Every little detail was so beautiful and delicate. There was no rush or hurry in the morning as everyone got ready and decorations were being finished. I have never seen a wedding with so many friends willing to help, and the bride being able to trust them completely to fulfill her vision, while she enjoyed the morning. Everyone was so friendly to us, making us feel right at home, and welcomed. The whole beautiful day was carried in such a fun atmosphere and we were having fun. Josh even had a little dance party with the bride. 

But most of all, I loved capturing the connection these two had. It's something you don't see everyday. They were so genuine and sweet, and the love they had for one another only reflected in the friendships we saw. I was holding back tears when their friends circled around them and sang to them. It was beautiful! I am so thankful we got to capture this special day.