Agi & Dan /Prague wedding./

I've known Agi through instagram for quite some time as one of those people that you know you would get along with so well in real life. I felt like we were friends before we even met in June when she and Dan came to visit me in my land of hills and forests to have their engagement pictures taken. Knowing they were adventurous I took them on a hike to a waterfall where they jumped barefoot over the rocks, and then up to the hills where they frolicked in fields full of wildflowers. Their tender love was so obvious and so easy to capture. And their personalities just simply fun to be around. 

They were going to get married in a month, and they just wanted something simple and laid-back, and they weren't even going to hire a photographer (to my disappointment). But then I sent them the gallery of their pictures and they were so excited that they asked me to come to the wedding as well!
YES, I am so, so glad they did. 

Their wedding really was simple and laid-back. But also beautiful, focused on the important part of the wedding day, the commitment of the two. From the nice and slow morning, having breakfast at Agi's apartment with her girlfriends, to the families and friends rejoicing with them at the church as they said yes to a forever side by side. And because I simply couldn't let such a beautiful bride have only a couple of quick portraits from the rooftop and attic of the church since there was no time for more, I convinced them to come visit me again, to put on their wedding attire and dance on the mountaintops with me two weeks later.