our wedding day.

It was not everything I ever dreamed of, because it was nothing I could ever imagine before.

We were married on a windy Monday afternoon surrounded by the closest family and friends.

Seeing so many weddings as a wedding photographer I knew I wanted nothing more than to take it slow and be able to take in every moment. I didn’t want the wedding to be about me as the bride, because on that day I was promising that life in marriage would not be about me. I didn't need the perfect dress, I found mine online for a few dollars and Donna made me a long slip for it. I didn’t want to stress about things going according to plan. We didn't really have a plan anyway. I didn’t want to worry about every little detail. Planning a wedding from the other side of the world wouldn't let me be in control anyway. After spending most of our relationship apart, the only thing I really wanted was to finally say no more goodbyes to my love. I just wanted to be fully present, I wanted to notice and appreciate those I love, I wanted it to be simple, and meaningful, and intimate.
I didn't stress about making every detail look incredible and pinterest-like, and yet, somehow it all came together. Every little thing, perfect. 

Nicole Mason captured our day so beautifully, with honesty and her unique artistic touch.
I love the way she sees stories around her and I am so thankful she was the one to document this day for us.  We barely knew she was there all day, and she let us be fully ourselves. Her photographs bring me right back into the precious moments, and I hope you will be able to experience some of it as you scroll through this post. 

The morning was slow and peaceful. The first thing I did was walk to the mailbox just like Josh instructed me to, where I found a sweet letter from him to read on the morning of our wedding. Then we all ate breakfast at the big table together just like we did the past few days of staying at the magical Old Edna. That old farm house was such a gift and miracle by itself, I never would have even dreamt of getting ready in a place such as Old Edna that was so perfectly me in every way. There was only my family and Nicole in the house all morning. 
I wrote a personal letter to each person and they read it while we were all getting ready. My sister braided my hair just like she has all my life. And the beautiful flowers were dropped off on the porch for us. 

I remember walking through the living room at one point during the morning and seeing my dad and future brother-in-law reading some random books they found in the house simply because they had nothing else to do. I just smiled and knew in that moment that this was all I ever wanted, no one was stressing out or rushing anything, and it was beautiful. 

We got married on the cliffs of Big Sur, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and overlooking the ocean. It was raining on the drive up but as soon as we reached the spot the sky cleared up. 

I walked down through the trees with my parents to our friend Joel singing Arms by The Paper Kites. We said our vows to the sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs. Rich spoke words of love and joy and wisdom to us and prayed over us, and made the ceremony just as unique and spontaneous and “us” as we wanted it to be. Nothing was planned out, nothing was rehearsed. We all just let it happen. And Rich would make us all pause to take it all in if he felt like it. Suddenly we were dancing to Joel playing No Fear in Love by Steffany Gretzinger and then hugging our dear friends and family to Jealous Love by Noah Gundersen


After the ceremony we drove up to a small picnic area right by a beach. My family set it up in a matter of minutes and I honestly don't know how it turned out to be so incredibly beautiful. We made all these little decorations and sandwiches the day before with my sisters and Veronika. Josh's mom had all sorts of amazing decorations we used. Annie baked her wonderful cupcakes, Donna brought her delicious salad, my dad barbecued hamburgers, Josh's parents brought delicious hot apple cider. It all just came together beautifully and simply. I was amazed and so thankful. 

As it started getting colder and darker we couldn't believe how quickly it went by. But after many hugs we drove into the dark of Big Sur with grateful hearts. Quietly sitting in the car holding hands and knowing there was no more goodbyes now.